Only words, may be feeling in rare conditions


The Stars

Look up in the sky
The sun disappears by earth rotation
Moon is shining as sign of night
The light glares all over the field
Then a shadow of mine appears
a friend of light who always exists
But always fades by the dark

Then, black cloud is coming as a barrier
Surrounding the sky cover
But the Light does not stop shining
There is now only two little stars in the sky
Clearly seen from the rift of the cloud
Producing almost no difference as the previous light
Realizing, The real source of light is not the moon

With a twinkle of grace
still always in the sky at the same position
One from a far, one is a real
Keep the existence of the shadow
Who ever understands then?
The cloud seems as coincidental nature
The mystery of the star whose creation of God
Who ever knows?

Only waiting
All the scenarios of life


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