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Why Should We Cheat on Video Game?

In this modern era of technology, games are the part of human life, especially for gamer or some people who like it. In addition, games have a lot of purposes such as filling our leisure time, expressing our emotional, and omitting our stress, but the main purpose of game is to entertain. As a way of entertaining, it cannot be denied that games are the simplest way to entertain ourselves and omit stress from a lot of daily activities. We can easily play games in our personal computer, mobile phone, or any other gadget we have to omit our boredom or even our stress. Nevertheless, games can also make people more stressful, waste their time and also money. There are why we should cheat in video games for the sake of our emotion, time and money.

Firstly, game can make people more stressful though the purpose of playing game is to omit stress. According to my experience, when I play video game and experience “Game Over” frequently, I will feel angry and annoyed. It contradicts with the actual purpose of game which is to entertain. Here, cheating can be a solution to manage this emotional problem. By cheating, we can rule the games, and play them easily. We will experience no “Game Over” because we can manage and rule everything, such as infinity heart, money, level, and many more. It makes us feel satisfied, although we experience “Game Over” previously.

The second is about our time management for our real life because of the effect game. Sometimes game can waste our time because some games need a long time to finish. The examples are RPG games such as Harvest Moon, Pokemon, Final fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, and etc. It is because we should manage and improve our character before we can beat enemies who have higher level than our character. Here, we must level up our character first before we can go to the next quest in the game. It certainly wastes our time. The function of cheating is to accelerate the process in finishing a game. We can beat our enemies by only one hit, get a lot of gold or coin and also level up instantly. We will be able to finish the game sooner rather than playing it seriously.

The last is about real money wasting for online games. Game is specified into online and offline game. There might be no offline games that require real money to upgrade or buy something in the game. However, in online games, we need real money to buy gold and upgrade something such as weapon, clothes, and other premium items. As usual, when enjoying the game and loving it very much, we will not be satisfied until we get premium items in the game. By cheating, we can get them for free. Nevertheless, cheating in game online is not usually existed every time. It only exists when there is a bug in the game. Bug is a system trouble that is caused because of game upgrading by the developer, and sometimes there is an error that gives chances for player to cheat and get some premium items. We do not need to be worry of doing cyber-crime in cheating game online. It cannot be considered as a crime because we do not break into the system of the game developer. It, of course, does not harm and make game developers get financial loss. Our money will be saved by cheating.

To summarize, cheating has a lot of advantages. By cheating we can rule the game and the game cannot rule us. For those who think that cheating is not cool and consider that playing game seriously is the real challenge in the game, thinking again the purpose of the games are actually to make us entertained, and not to make us angry, annoyed, stressful, waste our time and our money. We should be smart in playing games and get the real entertainment. Games should not rule us but we are the ones who actually should rule the games. Finally, the question is “How to get us entertained by the game?” and the way to answer is by cheating. 

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