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Ninja Saga : Kinjutsu Five Element Phantasm and Kinjutsu Halos of Olympus

Recently, there is a new release of a  Kinjutsu on Ninja Saga. It is Five Element Phantasm. The effect of this Jutsu is similar to the effect of Kinjutsu Halos of Olympus. Nevertheless, this Kinjutsu is somehow indifferent and that is the weakness. It is very bad. This Justu can only disperse one positive status of the target. what a terrible! 


If the target is having a flexible effect and strengthen in the same time and the one which is dispersed is the strengthen one, it will make of sense. Moreover, this Jutsu is only remove 35% of target CP while Halos can remove 50% of target CP. Yet, the good point is on the cool down and its accuracy. whether this Jutsu is good, you decide. 🙂

But I really hope that Hallos will be the upgraded version of this Jutsu.

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