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Soccer Fever Mini Game Ninja Saga Cheat

Soccer Fever Mini Game, yes, from the name it is of course a mini game. Even it is a mini game, playing it will make your hand cramps I guess. However there is a bug that allows us to cheat. Let’s start the tutorial of this cheat.

1. You should have Charles installed on you PC,Laptop, whatever it is and ( you shall have already understood about how to use it).

You can download it here Charles Proxy or find the cracked version of it.

After everything about Charles is done, here you have to start Charles and have it recording the Ninja Saga links on it.

2. After that play the mini game and win at least one star. Two stars or three would be better.

3.Next, after you win, just click the tick button

4. The last step you have to find the amf_life2/ and repeat the link recorded “Football.addMiniGameStar” on  Charles by click repeat advanced and change the Iterations into 100 and concurrency into 20 then click ok button

5. Go out from the mini game panel and enter again and claim whatever item you want and repeat the response again when the star is decreased.


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