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Ninja Saga Easter 2014 Cheat

Ninja Saga Easter 2014 is a new event on Ninja Saga. It is very different from other Easter event that Ninja Saga has ever held. In this event, you have to collect seven dragon balls before you can fight the dragon and seal the dragon using “SEAL REEL” that can be claimed by log in daily.

After defeating the dragon and being successful to seal it, here are the rewards :

The reward are basic dragon pets. However, we can combine the basic pets and have the combined dragon pets. Additionally, you may also have the super dragon pet by combining the combined dragon that you have. Unfortunately, there is only a little chance for the combination for being successful. Nevertheless, the pets are worthy used in game especially for PvP because some are defensive while some others are offensive.

Things to remember :

-do not use one hit kill when fighting the dragon

-use Futomaki Sushi to detect opponent HP before seal it to ensure that opponents HP range is adequate

Material related :

-Dragon balls

-Futomaki Sushi

-Seal reel

-Food pets (energy apple, energy banana, energy watermelon, energy orange)

Do not miss out!

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